Isosport energy drink guarana-ginseng 250ml

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ISOSPORT guarana-ginseng is a non-carbonated energy drink, high in vitamins (V2, B6, FROM), which supplies energy to the sports practitioner and has a strong aphrodisiac, toning and invigorating effect, which is achieved by the content of guarana, Ginseng, caffeine and taurine.

It is recommended to eat before exercise!

*Nutritional value of the product in 100 ml

Energy value 209kj / 50kcal
Fat, of which g 0
-saturated fatty acids g 0
Carbohydrates, which <12g
-sugars <12g
Protein 0
Left 0
Taurine 40mg
Vitamin B3 3.2mg
Vitamin B5 1,2mg
Vitamin B12 0.5mg
Vitamin B6 0.28mg


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